KDSL Global partners with ArabiCollege


We, at ArabiCollege, want to help Arabic teachers be more effective, and to help students be more successful. We know that technology can help to address these challenges, by making Arabic learning more accessible, flexible, personal and affordable. For example, we are drawing on the latest digital advances to develop Arabic products which further customize and personalize learning.

If you want to find an online Arabic course for your kid, you will discover hundreds of supplemental Arabic learning sites, but you will never find any high quality, fully formed, grade-level courses, interactive with real native teacher, one to one, 24 hours available and with assessment that told you as parent if your child took this course and passes this test he would achieve these result and be able to be at this level of Arabic Language.


We create full power of technology in the hand of parents, teachers, and students who wanted access to a rigorous, engaging, and interactive curriculum. ArabiCollege is not going to replace teachers, It helps them di their jobs more efficiently and effectively.


ArabiCollege has these advantages:


–          Establishing crucial links between school and home

–          Enabling truly individualized learning and adaptive learning that will serve children who behind at Arabic Language from their classmates and challenge gifted students too.

–          Empowering parents and students

–          Marking online teacher available for students 24/7

–          Letting students be with the tutor to improve the four skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) with genuine twenty four hour access to live classes and curricula.

–          Giving teachers and parents a way to monitor individual student needs and progress.

–          Customizing curricula to meet not just different countries (We deliver classes to schools in Malaysia, Brunei, Sweden, U.S.A ) but also the needs of the individual student, both gifted and challenged.

–          Significantly improving academic results for all students

–          Allowing parents and other people who wants their kids to learn Arabic to have access to learn Arabic easily.

–          ArabiCollege online school is very affordable for all students around the globe.


ArabiCollege for these kind of Students:

  1. Gifted and Talented: These are students who are working far head of their Arabic level
  2. Struggling Students: These are students who face hard time to catch with their teachers at the class and cannot able to be at the same level of their classmates.
  3. New Students: There are students who study Arabic for first time as they moved new to the country and need a lot of work to catch what they are missing to be able to reach their classmates level.


Virtual Meetings:

ArabiCollege offers conference meeting with the teacher and parents on monthly basis talk about student’s progress and to discuss areas in need of improvement or acceleration.

Visit http://arabicollege.com/ for more information.

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