Meet KDSL Global Intern – Kimia Bayat

As a fresh International Baccalaureate Diploma Program graduate, Kimia Bayat is on the verge of starting a new chapter of her life. As a pragmatic and hard-working student, Kimia has been raised to gain experience and work her way to the top; hence, she has taken a 6-month break to expand her horizons prior to studying Business Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. During her junior and senior years at school, Kimia was always keen on volunteering for charities such as Dubai Cares and Al Noor in order to raise awareness for a better education for those in need. She is enthusiastic about writing and has written documents based on Human Resources and Marketing. As a result, with the aid of this internship Kimia is focused on gaining insight into new phenomena’s to further enhance her knowledge and apply it to the real world. In addition, Kimia hopes to be more productive and efficient as a person, while improving her leadership skills.

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