Happy World Teachers’ Day!


This day is crucial to celebrate, as we should recognize the importance of educators in a world filled with obstacles on a daily basis.

In order to celebrate this remarkable day, we need to start off by appreciating our teachers. We must praise our teachers due to their kind hearts, commitment and passion.

In a dynamic world, that is driven by technology teachers are around in order to help us excel and to feed our minds with the latest and best knowledge. It is due to their commitment and passion that there has been an increase in high school graduation rates—an increase in greater students.

As humans, it is our role to appreciate and support the teachers in our community. Teachers should be considered as our role models; they inspire and encourage students to strive for greatness. Despite their challenging duty, teachers accompany students throughout all essential stages of development. Teachers watch their students grow into their full potential; the faith they have instilled in students should be regarded as a motivating factor for students to achieve their highest potential.

As Solomon Ortiz said, education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in lives of their students. It is because of teachers and professors that many people have managed to shape and change the world.

Therefore, on behalf of all students I would like to thank all the teachers that have taken the place of an additional source of encouragement, that have challenged and motivated students and most importantly provided students with the most vital ingredient in life—education.

You are appreciated.


Kimia Bayat
KDSL Global Intern
Twitter: @KDSL07
Facebook: KDSL Global



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