Real Men Read UAE

“We gave our directives that the year 2016 be the year of reading because reading is the basic skill for a new generation of scientists, intellectual, researchers and innovators.”
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed

The REAL Men Read UAE (RMRUAE) is a reading initiative launched by Kevin Simpson of Abu Dhabi during March 2016 in response to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s call for ideas to promote #ReadingYear. Real Men Read has been in the United States for some time and is designed to deepen literacy and instill a love for reading in students through guys who are willing to share a grade appropriate book with a group of students. This could be a father reading to their kid(s) at home, educators reading to students at school or citizens volunteering to read to students in the community.

Follow us on social media at #RMRUAE.

How to participate

  • Choose a book (based on interest of students or your favorite childhood book)
  • Choose who to read to (inquire at your child’s school, your child (children), children in your community with parent’s permission)
  • Read the book to the students and take a picture (with parent permission)
  • Share it on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) with the hashtag #RMRUAE #your emirate (dubai, abudhabi, sharjah, etc.). If you are not on social media email your pictures to Kevin (
  • Challenge three other guys you know to do the same

To participate in RMR UAE email

To learn more about 2016 declared as the year of reading please visit


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