What is a school without a principal?

Alongside teachers, principals are known to be an essential ingredient for the success of a school. Principals establish a principled environment for students. Being an effective principal is rather time-consuming and challenging. Successful principals have to be balanced with their roles. They ensure that the school environment shapes a vision of academic success for all students.

Principals should have high expectations and have a vision of commitment and success for all students. Despite a principal’s disciplinary and superior persona, principals are enthusiastic about the well-being of their stakeholders.

Without a principal the purpose and the need to encourage the development of leadership would be lost within a school environment. As a fresh graduate, it is as a result of the actions and motives of my principal that I have improved my leadership skills

As students make sure you thank your principal, it is them that drives and shapes a healthy school. We often take things for granted but we must remember that it takes a big heart to shape little minds.



Kimia Bayat
KDSL Global Intern
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