Emperia Foundation goes on a Little Voyage


The role of education in low-income countries has never been more important yet many countries with a large population and low GDP are struggling to send their children to school. In order to truly combat poverty continuing down the generations, it is vital that this generation of children should have access to high-quality education.

There are many non-profit organizations focused on the educational needs of children in developing countries. Emperia Foundation is one such non-profit, started up by Emma Ponsonby. After a trip to Nepal in 2014, Emma discovered that there was a gap in education provision in Nepal. Whilst visiting Springdale School in Nepal, she came to realize that ‘many children were eager to learn, they had such a different attitude to education than what I was used to.’ As a result, Emma partnered with Springdale School in Nepal due to the ‘high degree of integrity and commitment the school board had in order to prepare the students for the world that’s in front of them.’

Unlike many other educational charitable organizations, Emperia Foundation believes that education does not only revolve around traditional subjects such as mathematics and English. In fact, the organization’s vision is to revolutionize learning. They believe that ‘children should be learning things like human nature, cultural integration, financial management, circumstantial adaptation, and how to leverage and understand technology.’

After a successful two years of planning and preparation in partnership with other organizations and volunteers, by the end of this month Emperia Foundation aims to fund education for up to 500 students. Following on from this triumph, Emma Ponsonby is launching a new start-up called Little Voyage. This organization ‘explores experiential travel as a means of communication – people are able to connect with the world and have meaningful experiences in life.’ Every trip booked through Little Voyage contributes in making a positive difference in the world, starting with Springdale School in Nepal.

To make a difference, please donate here: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/2017-springdale-school-nepal-student-sponsorships