KDSL Global Intern Reflection

As a fresh International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma graduate I was seeking a job or perhaps an internship to learn and experience more than just what is presented in textbooks. Kevin Simpson, the Founder of KDSL Global, required an intern over the course of 3 months. Delighted that I had heard of a vacant intern position, I applied. As the company revolves around education and empowering educators, I was asked to write a 250-word essay on the future of education.

During my writing process, I realized that I actually wanted to fulfill the position as the new intern. Despite the fact that I won’t be studying or working in the education field, I thought to myself that it is crucial to really ‘throw yourself out there’ and experience as much as you can.

This internship focused on empowering educators; hence, it gave me the chance to empower myself and push myself beyond the limit. As a virtual internship that relied heavily on writing, research and communication, I was given an opportunity to show my own perspective and interpretations. Not many teenagers are allowed to perceive things through their own eyes due to focused school curriculum. Hence, the writing and research components enabled me to share my opinions through a professional lens that could be applied to a real world setting.

As we live in a dynamic world, it is essential to communicate feverishly with others whether it is in person or via the Internet. After having attended several functions, I was able to quickly learn to effectively communicate with others. As a result, improving my interpersonal skills and professionalism.

The internship at KDSL Global isn’t reliant on having skills—in fact, throughout the course of the internship; I learnt different skills, which are essential in today’s world.



Kimia Bayat
KDSL Global Intern
Website: www.kdslglobal.com
Twitter: @KDSL07
Facebook: KDSL Global