Introducing KDSL Global Intern – Matthew Diprose

On the cusp of graduating from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, Matthew Diprose is using this part of his school life to gain practical experience before university. A creative and dedicated intellectual student, Matthew grew up learning that effort and time bred results, but practical experience is as important to learning as any textbook. He is taking the opportunity presented to him to broaden his understanding of the world before heading to university. Matthew has always enjoyed volunteering whether this is marshalling for the Dubai rugby sevens, assisting with conferences such as the MENA Teacher Summit, helping make presentations for in school clubs or working on student films, Matthew does what he can for those around him.Matthew is enthusiastic about learning and as such, is focused on gaining greater experience and knowledge for when he faces university and beyond. He wants to use this time to improve his management and efficiency skills for future endeavours.