KDSL Global interviews Limitless Education

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Limitless Education is a consultancy with a difference: focusing on creativity and imagination, with an aim to support all children achieve their dreams.

We recently got the chance to interview Rachel Lloyd and Kelly Seymour, the dynamic duo behind Limitless Education. Kelly and Rachel are experienced Early Years practitioners and leaders who specialize in empowerment and fearless leadership. With a refreshing and remarkable mindset they support educators in clearing their limiting beliefs and fears which enables limitless and unique teaching philosophies and practices to be developed.

What hardships have you faced when developing Limitless Education?

The biggest difficulty was confronting our own limiting beliefs around starting a business. We absolutely love running our imaginative teacher workshops and student empowerment retreats, this is where we are in our comfort zone. However there were some limiting beliefs around making a living out of what you love. The core message of Limitless Education is that we support youth to achieve their dreams and become immersed in their passions. So when our own limiting beliefs were challenged we constantly reminded ourselves of our ‘limitless education’ philosophy.

How fulfilling has it been to create and foster Limitless Education?

It has been an amazing journey and one of true self-discovery. The power of our thoughts and beliefs has been evident and we have plenty of opportunities for growth and self-reflection. The most fulfilling moments are when we are running the workshops and we start to notice the beautiful change in the teachers and students we work with. This is the moment we look at each other with awe and say ‘Can you believe this is our job?!’

We are now at the point where we need to foster this philosophy to ensure its sustainability and are in the process of writing a book, which is a step by step guide to support educators to awaken imagination and creativity in their settings.

What inspired you to travel the path that led you to Limitless Education?

We had created something quite magical in our early years department. We had developed a unique concept of ‘the imaginative school’. We knew it was something special and our academic results were going through the roof. Inspectors were blown away with what we had created and reinforced that they had never seen anything like this before. It was at this point we knew we had to share this philosophy with other educational establishments and created ‘limitless education’ with the aim to awaken imagination and creativity in schools.

It was a pleasure interviewing the pair and we found the responses to the questions really enlightening.  Rachel and Kelly readily admitted their fears about starting their own business and managed to temper their anxiety with their passion and commitment to what they believed in. Passion is such an important part of education – it should always shine through when inspiring young people. Their forward-thinking nature and drive to make their system sustainable brings real hope to the future of education, and their book is a clear example of their evolving presentation style, allowing them to spread their ideas further. Finally, it seems that like many other successful enterprises, Limitless Education was sparked by a single great idea: the imaginative school. And from this spark, their whole philosophy worked itself out leading to positive feedback from inspectors – no small triumph.

To learn more about Limitless Education visit http://www.limitlesseducation.net/.


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