Welcome back educators and leaders!

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A student’s desire to learn and effectiveness in learning are enhanced when the learning is personalized, meaning that the student is given greater choice in selecting topics, greater control over the learning environment and learning strategies, greater access to learning resources, and frequent feedback about learning progress. (Sam Redding, S. (2014) Personal Competencies in Personalized Learning. [PDF file]. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University (Center on Innovations in Learning).


August 2018

Dear MENA American curriculum educators,

We are excited to welcome each of you back to your respective school. Our focus for this year will be…..personalized learning. We are constantly looking at how we can best support schools, teachers, and students. Here is a sample of what you can expect from us during 2018-2019:

MENA Teacher Summit: An initiative of the ASCD Connected Community in the GCC, the Teacher Summit seeks to improve teaching and learning and connect education professionals throughout the MENA region to the resources provided by ASCD. This regional event is a platform for teachers to engage and learn with renowned educators and scholars. Topics at the summit will address best practices in leadership, data, curriculum, and English Language Arts, Math and Science. Visit menateachersummit.com to learn more about this event based in Dubai.

Micro-credentials: Micro-credentials are a digital form of certification indicating that an educator has demonstrated their application of a specific competency. Educators must apply their learning in their practice and collect a portfolio of evidence, thereby demonstrating their competence. Micro-credentials are competency-based, research-backed, on-demand, personalized, and shareable (Bloomboard for Schools).

MENA Arts White Paper: How are the Core Arts Standards being implemented in the MENA region? This paper will explore questions and provide educators with resources.

MENALearns Portal: MENALearns will be an online learning platform for American curriculum educators. MLP will offer tools and resources connected to curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional learning, and more. This portal will launch in September 2018.


To a great year!


Kevin Simpson

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