Effective School Leadership for the 21st Century: Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals


During November 2018 KDSL Global had the opportunity to collaborate with ASCD, the UNESCO-APEID, and Jeremy Williams.  Williams was a KDSL Global suggested panel speaker at the UNESCO-APEID International Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand with a focus on The Globally Competent Educational Leadership: A Framework for Leading Schools in a Diverse, Interconnected World.


The conference explored what it takes to be a successful school leader. The specific objectives of the conference were to:

  • Increase understanding of school leaders’ roles, responsibilities, and challenges in the 21st century;
  • Showcase innovative school leadership programmes and practices in improving the quality of education;
  • Foster effective assessment, monitoring and evaluation of school leadership; and
  • Facilitate collaboration and networking to support quality school leadership.

After reflecting on his experience at the conference, Williams said, “The UNESCO APEID was a great conference focused on effective school leadership.  Phillip Hallinger delivered a great keynote on school culture and I presented on a panel relating to global competencies to promote effective school leadership.  The experience was really powerful as I was able to share what we are working on around global competencies but also learn from senior leaders cross far-east Asia.”


About UNESCO-APEID International Conference

Based in the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok, Thailand, the Asia and Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) was established as a regional inter-country cooperative programme in 1972 and came into official operation in 1973. In January 2016, APEID was restructured and incorporated into the Section for Educational Innovation and Skills Development (EISD) to meet changing contexts, priorities, needs and challenges in the region. EISD’s mission is to promote innovation in education and contribute to the capacity development of education systems in order to provide equitable, quality, relevant and technology-enabled lifelong learning and skills development opportunities for all towards sustainable development and peace in Asia and the Pacific.

This series of UNESCO-APEID International Conferences, held since 1995, has been recognized as an important platform for policy dialogue and information/knowledge sharing on development-oriented education innovations and exemplary practices in and beyond the Asia and Pacific region.



About Jeremy Williams

Mr. Jeremy Williams is the Head of School for Manor Hall International School in Al Ain. His career began in the United States as a middle school math teacher where he focused on using a constructivist and inquiry approach toward learning. He then served as an Assistant Principal, Principal and Superintendent. Originally from Indiana, USA, Jeremy completed his undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics at Indiana University. Jeremy also completed his master’s degree in Education and Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University. Currently, Jeremy is completing his PhD in Organizational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University with a focus on transformational leadership and organizational commitment.



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