KDSL Global interviews Power On

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Our KDSL Global Intern recently had the opportunity to interview Sara Shadravan, Executive Director of Power On. PowerOn is a California-based youth empowerment non-profit organization helping youth, parents and educators to discover their intrinsic value as human beings by providing meaningful educational and coaching experiences.

How did you get involved with Power On?

After 25 years teaching oversees in International schools, I returned to the US and was increasingly aware of the stress, anxiety and low self-esteem facing youth today. Bullying and school shootings are on the rise, parents are worried about their children and their futures, and educators feel overwhelmed. A group of leaders, educators and mental health professionals came together to think about what was needed to transform school communities and Power On was founded in September 2017. We are a youth empowerment organization. We help youth, parents and educators to discover their intrinsic value as human beings by providing meaningful educational and coaching experiences. In these, we address core challenges facing these three audiences and provide them the tools and techniques needed for them to create personal and professional success.

What are your inspirations for focusing on social emotional learning?

The power of perspective is real and social emotional learning is essential in promoting collaboration, self-reflection and resilience. Understanding your true value, what makes you happy and how you can contribute to your communities provides security in unpredictable times. Based on current research, positive psychology and youth input, we address the issues uppermost in the minds of youth today. How can I make a difference in the world? What does my future hold? Who can I count on? Do I have what it takes to be successful, how will I know? Am I safe?

Tell us about the variety of workshops your company offers.

We offer four different workshops catering to Youth, Parents and Educators. For youth – a 12 module interactive inquiry based program focusing on understanding your true value, what makes you happy and how you can contribute to your communities. Based on current research, positive psychology and youth input, we address the issues uppermost in the minds of youth today. How can I make a difference in the world? What does my future hold? Who can I count on? Do I have what it takes to be successful, how will I know? Am I safe? We explore the concepts of self, community, perspective, power and privilege and self-advocacy.

For parents – a 7 module workshop introducing the power of positive Psychology and personalized parenting. How to make the most of what you have to offer and how to grow your child’s potential and passions.

For educators – a 7 module workshop introducing a strengths approach in the classroom. How to give your most and identify the best in students. We focus on growing the good first, rather than fixing what is wrong first.

Train the educators – this is a training for educators to become trainers of the youth program. An introduction to inquiry based teaching and learning.

We also offer personalized coaching for parents.

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Sara Shadravan is known for her enthusiasm and her love of learning. Currently, she serves as the Executive Director of Power On.  Power On is a youth empowerment non-profit organization helping youth, parents and educators to discover their intrinsic value as human beings by providing meaningful educational and coaching experiences. She has a background in Montessori education and has worked for the past 25 years, as a teacher, curriculum developer and educational leader to transform school communities. She has worked extensively in South East Asia, the Middle East and Southern Africa, opening International schools that foster independence and open-minded inquiry.  Sara advocates for a holistic approach to education in which parents, teachers and students are equal stakeholders in the learning process. She has led parent-teacher associations, hosted community events and run extracurricular learning experiences for students and parents. She worked with the IBO to provide training to local teachers in Cambodian schools and partnered with the Ministry of Education in Swaziland to improve local preschools. Sara returned to the USA two years ago and is delighted to leverage her extensive expertise to assist youth, educators and parents to identify their personal qualities and passions. She holds multiple teaching credentials and is a certified coach from the Institute for Social & Emotional Intelligence.  As Director of Power On, she hosted youth retreats and worked with the Charter School Grace Hopper Stem Academy to pilot the strength- based inquiry program that facilitates growth in Social Emotional Intelligence. Sara has three grown daughters and two grandchildren.

Meet our KDSL Global Intern – Tanner Lauren Harris


Tanner Lauren Harris is a junior at Oregon State University studying accounting and education with a focus on multicultural education. She has over four years of experience working with educational companies, including MidSchoolMath and Imagine Education, developing organizational systems for curriculum, mailing marketing campaigns, assisting in planning of national conferences, and working behind the scenes to complete invoices, payroll, business reimbursements, and other accounting projects. Tanner recently received her Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment Professional Teaching Licensure in preparation to become a substitute teacher. By the end of this internship, Tanner hopes to gain a worldwide understanding of education and increase her global awareness of other cultures.

New KDSL Global Senior Associate

Ashley S. Green

Meet Ashley Green, our new KDSL Global Senior Associate.

Ashley Green’s passion for global education has led to her teaching in classrooms and collaborating with teachers from all over the world. Her desire to become a global educator began when she taught students in England, and had the chance to make connections between the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and Common Core standards. Since then, she’s honed those skills in Dubai; in both Elementary and Middle school settings as a full time classroom practitioner.


Ashley is a lifelong learner and believes that while she is an educator; she will always be striving to improve her own practice. She’s currently employed as a Middle School Math Teacher Leader, specializing in differentiating within the Secondary Math classroom. She also works as an Achievement Coach, assisting students with preparing for life beyond grade school.


Ashley holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and has developed and written curriculums for English, Language Arts and Mathematics for grades 3-8. She obtained a Gifted Endorsement in 2015 and also served as an ambassador for Gifted and Talented Education in Georgia, USA. Ashley was selected in 2018 as the first ASCD Emerging Leader based in the Middle East.

New KDSL Global Senior Associate


Meet Mona Fairley Nelson, our new KDSL Global Senior Associate.
Mona Fairley-Nelson is an educational leader who has served in numerous international schools since relocating abroad in 2014. Mrs. Fairley-Nelson’s vast leadership experience includes: developing international partnerships with colleges and universities to support school innovation, developing quality instructional practices in K-12th grade, accreditation planning and report writing, multidivisional strategic planning and school improvement, budgeting development and allocation for organizational growth, implementing effective leadership and supervision models, and creating sustainable practices for start-up schools across the globe.
The majority of Mrs. Fairley-Nelson’s work in education has centered on supporting American curriculum schools in the NESA region. She presented at the MENA Teacher Summit in Dubai, AAIE conference in San Francisco, and the END conference in Portugal. Additionally, she organized the PEAK 2019 educational conference in Kuwait which hosted over one thousand of the country’s educators. In August of 2019, Mrs. Fairley-Nelson will expand her professional reach to include the AASSA region as well.
Mrs. Fairley-Nelson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development, a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education, and a Master of K-12 Leadership and Supervision degree. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education degree in International Educational Leadership from Wilkes University.



“It’s important that the leadership of international schools reflects the increasing diversity of students and families in those schools, especially since many studies have shown that diverse teams make better decisions and such teams provide effective role models for all students.”
-Liz Duffy, ISS President


A global community that connects diverse people, ideas and resources, AAIE helps international educators lead with vision, wisdom, courage and integrity.

AAIE is the worldwide organization that connects school leaders to new ideas, opportunities– serving as a disruptive influence– and change agent to ensure the viability, integrity and future of overseas schools.

Conduct “summits” on critical issues with eye toward development of both cadre of current leaders and toward building capacity in next generation of leaders


I joined AAIE based on these three statements above.  Last year after attending #AAIE2018 there was a shock after noticing how much the international education leadership community lacked in the diversity department. There was talk at a session about critical issues (diversity being one of the topics). A hard decision was made not to attend #AAIE19 being that I was a member and studying in the AAIE Institute for International School Leadership.


Happy to see the topics below at the 2019 AAIE Conference CONVERSATION but do question if the strategic plan will shift at AAIE as well as at ALL international schools around diversity, equity, and inclusion in international leadership.


AAIE 2019 Deeper Dive Sessions:

  • Moving Beyond Conversation to Meaningful Action:Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in International School Leadership


  • Becoming A More Inclusive School: Having the Heart to Lead With Vision, Wisdom, and Integrity


  • Finding Our Future Leaders


  • Diversity is Not the Goal: Exploring Transformational Principles to Build Equity, Engagement and Relationship


  • Frameworks & Tools for Achieving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in International School Leadership


To further add to the CONVERSATION and ensure we all stay the course a new hashtag is being born: #AAIEGlobalsowhite


The next generation of international leaders are diverse, disruptive, and want their voice included. We are ready to collaborate and add to the CONVERSATION. Is AAIE ready to listen?


New KDSL Global Manager of Learning


Meet Rashenah Walker, our new KDSL Global Manager of Learning. In this role Walker will manage projects in our professional learning portfolio for the MENA region.

Rashenah Walker is an international curriculum specialist and educational trainer. She holds a Master’s degree in Education majoring in Instructional Technology and is a dual major Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Design. Rashenah began her career in the United States as special education and Advanced Placement teacher. Since then, she has worked in the areas of curriculum design, educational administration, organizational needs analysis, and teacher development. As an independent contractor, Rashenah has completed professional development training for TESOL, College Board, Edmodo, and KDSL Global making significant contributions to educational organizations within the U.S. and internationally. Currently, she is serving on the TESOL Professional Standards Council, has appeared as a guest on the radio show Myk12career.com, in addition to winning multiple Global Education Supplies and Solutions (GESS) awards for her research on using Edmodo in schools.