KDSL Global interviews Heath Bailey of Going Global: : The Life Changing Experiences of 10 Courageous Black Men


Our KDSL Global Intern recently had the opportunity to interview Heath Bailey, an author of Going Global: The Life Changing Experiences of 10 Courageous Black Men. In this book you will learn about gentlemen who are entrepreneurs, educators, writers, and serve in the military. They all made the decision to pack up their knowledge, skills, and Black Power from America and go global.


What was the inspiration for the book?

 Most of the authors were prompt to write due to reasons which were very similar. Each of our lives have changed drastically by deciding to leave our families, jobs, and environments in America, and live and work in the Middle East. I have personally been wanting to share my story to the world as it has changed the trajectory of my career and personal life. Since leaving America, I have been rejuvenated and have a better outlook on the world. We are all literally living a movie. I could document a happening each day of my life if I chose to write more frequently.


What do you hope your readers take away from the book?

Our ultimate goal is to inspire, encourage, and open people’s minds to other options. We want our readers to have the courage to step out on faith and recognize that American society is simply one of thousands of places a person can navigate and call home. The reader will also learn about 10 black counter narratives as we are highly educated fathers, husbands, and sons. Anyone who reads Going Global will get the gist of how to live life to the fullest outside of America.


What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book? 

The agreement was that each author would write a maximum of 3500 words. Most of us started writing and had to condensed our chapters significantly. For instance, my first draft was 7000 words. I shaved my chapter, ‘Free to Live’ down to 4600. I begged the organizer to allow my chapter to have more words. But the goal of the book was to appeal to both an avid reader and/or the occasional reader. We felt that limiting the size of each chapter would better hold the interest of even a non-reader.


To get your copy of Going Global: The Life Changing Experiences of 10 Courageous Black Men visit https://www.amazon.com/Going-Global-Changing-Experiences-Courageous/dp/1729835635.


Heath Bailey Pictures

Heath Bailey is a global educator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a proven transformational leader who is poised to further his quest with an unwavering mission and conviction to better our world. Heath has served in the education field for twenty-six years and has been abroad for five years. His goal is to find and implement the most innovative ways of educating young people. Heath currently serves as the Head of High School at the American International School in Dubai.








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