Thank you, Teachers


KDSL Global asked our colleagues who was one of your favorite teachers and why? Share your favorite memory. Read their responses below.


“My favorite teacher is my kindergarten teacher, Ms. F. Henry. She created the learning foundation for me (she had her hands full) and the foundation of my teaching career. She is still teaching today.”

– Octevia Torian, KDSL Global Fellow

“During my first term at Oregon State University, one of my courses, Multicultural Education, was a three hour long class. Naturally, I was dreading having that long of a class. However, after going to my first class, I did not want to leave the room after the three hours were up! My professor, Mr. Winston Cornwall, was so captivating and knowledgeable! He truly raised my awareness of cultural diversity in education and in life. I hope to enroll in one of his classes again.”

-Tanner Harris, KDSL Global Intern

“My favorite teacher was my biology teacher who also happened to be my gymnastics coach.  I admired the way that she demanded respect in the classroom and also in the gym.  She knew me personally and academically so I always felt SO much pressure to impress her.  She was strict but still showed her loving side by keeping her promises and making attempts to connect to ALL of her students.  Mrs. Stolzenbach bonded with us by staying up to date on the latest dances and pop culture.  That was so cool to me! She was honest and gave me opportunities that I probably didn’t deserve, but her willingness to give me these opportunities is what made me trust her and know that she always had my back.”

– Tiffany Johnson, KDSL Global Fellow


“Truth be told, I was blessed with some of the best teachers and lecturers throughout my primary, high school and even college years. And maybe some of the teachers were made the above-mentioned judgment had valid points – I had issues. These issues had they been left untended would most likely result in the destruction of me. Even though most of my outstanding teachers and lecturers inspired me in various ways, whenever I think of a life-changing teacher this one teacher, Mrs. Donna Thompson comes to the forefront of my mind. Mrs. Thompson, or Ms. T as I affectionately refer to her, bore the name ‘Bad-pickney Defender’ in her selfless pursuit to reach students like me who lacked one thing or another but were continuously brushed aside and sometimes even pushed into greater lack by people who should have been fully invested in our well-being.” (excerpt from an upcoming blog post entitled Teachers Matter)

-Sania Green-Reynolds, KDSL Global Fellow


Thank you , Teachers!


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