KDSL Global chats with Shani Brinkley of Feed Your Wellness



KDSL Global collaborates with education businesses around the world. One service we offer is promoting education companies. This month the team had a chance to chat with Shani Brinkley of Feed Your Wellness. Learn more about this new team and their work below.



Tell us about Feed Your Wellness.

Feed Your Wellness developed from my personal struggle with loving my body as it is. After years of dieting, with little success and lots of uncomfortable moments, I began my journey towards uncovering what worked for my body. I released 75 pounds, became a certified Holistic Health and Well-being Coach, and started helping clients how to uncover their health quotient (wellness plan). I discovered that body weight issues weren’t fixed with diets and strenuous exercises, any result is temporary without connecting your body-mind-spirit. Wellness is cultivated from within. Feeding your wellness focuses on what you’re feeding your senses; the food, the mindset, the words.


What are some ways people can focus on wellness during this time?

The first thing I want you to do is acknowledge this has never happened before by saying the following; “This is unprecedented and although this is uncomfortable, I am ok.” and “I am not alone. I am supported.” The first statement offers acceptance and acknowledgement to what you are experiencing. Hearing those simple words comforts your soul. “I am not alone. I am supported” are affirming statements that should be repeated daily. When we feel alone or lonely it is because that’s the storyline that has repeated in our lives. By acknowledging you are not alone, everyone in the world has been affected by this pandemic, there’s comfort in that.

Next, take a moment to count what you are grateful for. What is positive in your life? Are you safe? Do you have clean water? Can you wiggle your toes? Say aloud all that you are thankful for.  Expressing gratitude verbally or through writing shifts your mind away from pity to a state of appreciation.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Tune into what your body needs. Try this simple and easy practice; close your eyes, take three long breaths, put your hand on your heart and connect with yourself. Take these small moments throughout the day to connect and tune into your needs. One last suggestion is to turn off the 24 hour news cycle. Set a timer, watch one news broadcast or none at all. I’m sure you will feel calmer and can focus on fun, relaxation or creating something awesome.


What do you see as the future of the wellness industry?

I believe the future of the wellness industry will focus on mental well-being more deliberately. Mental health can be a taboo topic due to lack of knowledge and understanding.  Mental wellness has become an open sore, exposed and needing tending. Moving beyond the pandemic, retreat spaces, events and awareness will be more prevalent.  The other focus will be on immersive, integrative experiences for individuals. Hotels, spas and travel destinations will offer services that visitors can add on to level up their wellness that extend beyond the traditional massage package.


To learn more visit http://www.feedyourwell.info




Shani. Best Headsh

L.A. Shani Brinkley is a 18 year master early childhood educator. Her early career began in Plainfield, NJ, United States of America. During her 12 years in Plainfield, Shani contributed to Early Childhood publications, conducted professional development classes and implemented ELL trainings. She improved parent communication by 15% and increased literacy awareness in special needs students resulting in school based awards. Shani is also a certified health and nutrition coach. Her passion for children’s health and well-being lead her to create and implement successful after school nutritional programs and several parent and child workshops.

Shani has vast experience as an educator abroad. She’s taught in Spain, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. As an immersive educator, Shani uses songs and movement along with researched strategies to help her students excel. In leadership roles, she’s had the opportunity to supervise and implement enrichment programs for over 100 students. She enjoys teaching young learners the foundation for a successful education.




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