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KDSL Global Teacher Fellowship

KDSL Global, based in the United Arab Emirates and in the United States, is looking to provide fellowships for educators each year. We are a leading learning organization focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally. The fellowship responsibilities will include:

  1. Writing. KDSL Global is devoted to sharing and collaborating with K-12 education stakeholders worldwide. A KDSL Global fellow would have the opportunity to contribute to these various sources and introduce new education topics based on their interest.
  2. Leadership. There are many opportunities to learn and expand leadership skills within the organization. KDSL Global organizes conferences and forums focused on the American curriculum in the MENA region. A fellow would collaborate with the team to develop innovative programs and materials and contribute to professional learning opportunities in MENA, USA, and beyond.
  3. Launch. We will work with fellows to launch a new education idea. This could be a product or service specific to their context or created for the global education community.

KDSL Global seeks one resourceful, intelligent, detail-oriented, hard-working individual who are capable of excelling in an intellectually stimulating work environment. Our focus is on educators based in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australasia. Research experience is desired, strong writing skills a must, and Internet experience greatly welcome. The time commitment is 5-8 hours virtually a month for this one year volunteer fellowship. Please browse the KDSL Global website at www.kdslglobal.comand www.kdslglobalwordpress.com for more information about the organization.

Individuals interested in a KDSL Global Teacher Fellowship should send a CV and a writing sample about an idea they have that will disrupt the education field to Kevin Simpson at kevin@kdslglobal.com by 15 November. Select candidates will be interviewed. This fellowship begins in January 2020.

World Stars Education


KDSL Global Founder Kevin Simpson served as a Teacher Consultant with World Stars Education in Guangzhou, China on a five week project during November-December 2018.

About World Stars Education

The mission of World Stars Education is to become a 100% focused college preparation academic management company for international students. Our goal is to provide a clear education planning with academic, life, culture and social integration supporting system for every student who studies in the United States. We help every international student to adapt to a new life in the United States with an integrated, innovative and unique plan. We provide a comprehensive system includes best-fit school match, customized educational plan, academic monitoring and independent life education. We offer the smoothest and seamless integration of academic and life-supporting management in the United States. We expect every student from World Stars Education to become a well-rounded student and get accepted by the world-acclaimed universities/colleges.



Effective School Leadership for the 21st Century: Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals


During November 2018 KDSL Global had the opportunity to collaborate with ASCD, the UNESCO-APEID, and Jeremy Williams.  Williams was a KDSL Global suggested panel speaker at the UNESCO-APEID International Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand with a focus on The Globally Competent Educational Leadership: A Framework for Leading Schools in a Diverse, Interconnected World.


The conference explored what it takes to be a successful school leader. The specific objectives of the conference were to:

  • Increase understanding of school leaders’ roles, responsibilities, and challenges in the 21st century;
  • Showcase innovative school leadership programmes and practices in improving the quality of education;
  • Foster effective assessment, monitoring and evaluation of school leadership; and
  • Facilitate collaboration and networking to support quality school leadership.

After reflecting on his experience at the conference, Williams said, “The UNESCO APEID was a great conference focused on effective school leadership.  Phillip Hallinger delivered a great keynote on school culture and I presented on a panel relating to global competencies to promote effective school leadership.  The experience was really powerful as I was able to share what we are working on around global competencies but also learn from senior leaders cross far-east Asia.”


About UNESCO-APEID International Conference

Based in the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok, Thailand, the Asia and Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) was established as a regional inter-country cooperative programme in 1972 and came into official operation in 1973. In January 2016, APEID was restructured and incorporated into the Section for Educational Innovation and Skills Development (EISD) to meet changing contexts, priorities, needs and challenges in the region. EISD’s mission is to promote innovation in education and contribute to the capacity development of education systems in order to provide equitable, quality, relevant and technology-enabled lifelong learning and skills development opportunities for all towards sustainable development and peace in Asia and the Pacific.

This series of UNESCO-APEID International Conferences, held since 1995, has been recognized as an important platform for policy dialogue and information/knowledge sharing on development-oriented education innovations and exemplary practices in and beyond the Asia and Pacific region.



About Jeremy Williams

Mr. Jeremy Williams is the Head of School for Manor Hall International School in Al Ain. His career began in the United States as a middle school math teacher where he focused on using a constructivist and inquiry approach toward learning. He then served as an Assistant Principal, Principal and Superintendent. Originally from Indiana, USA, Jeremy completed his undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics at Indiana University. Jeremy also completed his master’s degree in Education and Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University. Currently, Jeremy is completing his PhD in Organizational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University with a focus on transformational leadership and organizational commitment.



Reflections on the EARCOS Teacher Conference 2017


Dr. Craig Gabler, our USA based science consultant, reflects on his recent experience as a facilitator in Asia. Gabler has been serving schools and science educators around the world with KDSL Global since 2014. He served as a writer for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), worked on Washington state science standards writing teams, and spent several summers as Mentor Teacher in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pre-Service Teacher program at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

In April I had the opportunity to present at the EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) Teacher Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Teachers and administrators from over 100 schools were in attendance at this 3-day conference.

For those who know me, it goes without saying that some of my presentations dealt directly with the NGSS and how to make those standards come to life in the classroom. I also had the chance to engage attending science teachers in a session targeting formative assessment and in another session on strategies for engaging students in engineering. I was blessed with not only excellent attendance in these sessions, but also with attendees who were highly engaged in the learning opportunity.

The theme for the EARCOS conference was “Connecting Global Minds.” I would like to draw from that theme for a brief reflection on my experiences in both the Middle East and East Asia. In supporting science education, I have had the pleasure to work with teachers of science from all across the United States, from across the Middle East region and now from East Asia. What struck me while in Malaysia was the fact that teachers of science from around the globe are indeed connected. We all share a deep desire for our students to succeed and to value science. What I have found is, regardless of region, that that desire drives us to ask the same hard questions – about engaging students with the NGSS, about encouraging students to have an interest in STEM, and about managing and preparing our classrooms for that success.

As science educators we are a part of a global network, united by our passion for science and for our students. I celebrate that there are gracious and giving teachers of science across the globe. I also celebrate that there are organizations like KDSL Global and EARCOS, to name just two, that bring learning opportunities and resources to the network. As we continue on this path of serving our students, it is important to reach out to those organizations and to our colleagues for continuing support. Don’t go alone.

Please know that KDSL Global and I are here to support your science journey.


Craig Gabler, KDSL Global Science Consultant

To read the KDSL Global white paper on NGSS in MENA American Curriculum schools visit http://kdslglobal.com/NGSS%20in%20MENA%20American%20Curriculum%20Schools.pdf.

To learn more about EARCOS visit https://www.earcos.org/.