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KDSL Global Fellows 2019

KDSL Global, based in the United Arab Emirates and in the United States, is pleased to announce our new fellows.  The fellowship will run from January-December 2019 with a focus on writing, leadership, and launching a new education idea.


Octevia Torian is from Virginia and has 14 years of experience in the education field. In the past she has served as an instructional coach, advisor and advanced academics resource teacher. Currently, Octevia is in her second year of teaching in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates with a focus on the Next Generation Science Standards, Project-Based Learning, STEM, and teaching science at the middle school level.  She loves to bring real life experiences to the classroom for students and takes pleasure in seeing learners engaged in the classroom and applying their knowledge to everyday life. Octevia is a lifelong learner who is a member of professional development organizations such as ASCD and presents at education conferences. One of her latest projects involves initiating a pilot program at her school with Global Air Media, LLC. This program uses STEM curriculum to teach students about drone technology and entrepreneurship in the 21st century. At her school she leads a YouTube Club for students, a talk show for teachers, and is a co-host for a podcast called Dismissed.  She is a graduate from Averett University, Capella University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.



Sania Green-Reynolds is a Jamaican native who is living her dream of experiencing and contributing to education on a global level. She is an experienced and dynamic English teacher, curriculum, teaching and learning support expert, and believer. Sania has been teaching for 16 years (pre-training) and 11 years (post-training). She’s taught students (face to face) in Jamaica and the Caribbean, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and students of other nationalities in online forums, and hosts  personal and professional development workshops as well as speak at regional and international conferences. Over the years she has received various awards in education, which speak to her innovative and skilled approach to teaching and progressive student learning.

Sania is a best-selling co-author and a writer who has contributed to several international publications. She has been an inspiration to her students and colleagues alike. One of her books, The Self-Confidence Booster, was translated to Japanese to provide further inspiration and motivation to her students in Japan whom she believed could speak English more fluently if they were confident enough to do so. Sania has been awarded different awards such as English Teacher of the Month, Most Innovative English Teacher, Education Journal Middle East Teacher of the Week and recognized as the teacher with the highest NWEA MAP progress and attainment in her past school.

She believes in giving back to the community. As demonstrated by her work in community improvement and social work in education, which spans from the Caribbean to Africa and as a result, she is honored to be a Walden University Scholar of Change Awardee. She holds a 3-year Diploma in English Language and Literature Education, a B.Ed. in Elementary Education with 1st Class Honors, Certificates in TEFL, Supervisory Management and Coaching, and a M.S.Ed. In Educational Leadership and Administration with Honors.


10 Lessons from an Education Entrepreneur – eBook Released

1 March 2018: International education entrepreneur, Kevin Simpson, releases an eBook today charting his journey from classroom teacher to globetrotting entrepreneur. The KDSL Global Story: 10 Lessons from an Education Entrepreneur is a fascinating, insightful read for any educators who are seeking to take the plunge, find their passion, and start their own company. If you’ve ever wondered how one might transition from a teacher to an entrepreneur, or how one can find a way to work in education all the way round the world, Kevin will have helpful advice and insight for you.

Readers will find out how having standards of excellence, taking risks, being open to change, and learning when to say no have helped Kevin launch and successfully maintain his dream company. The foreword is written by education investor and advisor Bernard West, who says that, “This book is a welcomed addition addressing multiple points of view: The teacher seeking an entrepreneurial path, the student charting a career in international education, and the social entrepreneur aiming to have a global impact.”

Kevin Simpson’s career has taken him from classrooms in Michigan to Virginia to collaborating on education projects in Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and 15 other countries. His company, KDSL Global, is a leading international learning organization focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally. Kevin believes passionately in sharing knowledge and skills around, growing others, and having fun in the collaborative process. Reading his 10 Lessons will give any education entrepreneur the inspiration and initial tools they need to get started and make their dreams a reality.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the eBook will go to the organizations listed with the KDSL Global Gives 10 Initiative. To order the eBook visit www.kdslglobal.com and click on Celebrating 10 years.


For further information, please contact Kevin Simpson

Tel: 312.478.1695 | kevin@kdslglobal.com | http://www.kdslglobal.com



About KDSL Global

KDSL Global is a USA and UAE-based leading learning organization focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally. To find out more information visit http://www.kdslglobal.com

Welcome Back MENA American Curriculum Educators!

August 2017


Dear MENA American curriculum educators,


We are excited to welcome each of you back to your respective school. Our focus for this year will be … keep learning. Whether you are a new school just getting started or a highly established school, each of us has a responsibility in the continuous improvement process.


We are constantly looking at how we can best support schools, teachers, and students. Here is a sample of what you can expect from us during 2017-2018:


  • Webinars: Webinars provide the opportunity to learn from expert educators and authors who are based in the United States. We offer free and paid hour-long webinars on topics ranging from instructional strategies, data, standards, and more.
  • MENA Teacher Summit: An initiative of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Connected Community in the GCC, the Teacher Summit seeks to improve teaching and learning and connect education professionals throughout the MENA region to the resources provided by ASCD. Founded in 1943, ASCD is the global leader in developing and delivering innovative programs, products, and services that empower educators to support the success of each learner. This regional event is a platform for teachers to engage and learn with renowned educators and scholars. Topics at the summit will address best practices in leadership, data, curriculum, and English Language Arts, Math and Science. Visit http://www.menateachersummit.com.
  • MENA C3 White Paper: How are the C3 social studies standards being implemented in the MENA region? In the USA? This paper will explore these questions and provide educators with resources.
  • MENA Learning Portal: An online learning platform, which will offer tools and resources connected to curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional learning and more.


2017 is a special year for us as we celebrate 10 years of work in 20+ countries with hundreds of partners and thousands of educators and students.


To a great year!




Kevin Simpson

KDSL Global Celebrates 10 Years

August 10, 2017
Kevin Simpson
KDSL Global


GRAND BLANC, MI – As a leading learning organization focused on empowering educators and education companies globally, KDSL Global today celebrates a decade of serving organizations to increase student achievement, teacher knowledge and education leadership.

The company begin as KDSL USA in Washington, D.C. on August 10, 2007. Over the years they moved operations to Michigan and Dubai and transitioned into KDSL Global. In the last decade they collaborated with hundreds of schools and organizations and thousands of educators and leaders in over twenty countries. The majority of the company’s work has centered on American curriculum schools in the Middle East and North Africa region.

“We started 10 years ago with a collaboration mindset and a commitment to providing top-quality service to our partners in education around the world,” said Kevin Simpson, founder and native of Flint, Michigan. Some of their achievements over the years include: serving leaders, teachers, and students in Venezuela, providing professional learning to American curriculum schools in the United Arab Emirates, coaching leaders in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria on transforming teaching and learning with Pearson Middle East, and partnering with Smart Education and Alpha Publishing to head up professional learning for educators in the Middle East and North Africa.

The company’s approach has played a significant role in their success. Maintaining an active role in the education sector, focusing on collaborating with high will/high skill colleagues, developing new initiatives based on educator needs and requests and delivering one-on-one support consistently has led the team on a continuous learning and professional journey.

KDSL Global will be celebrating the remainder of the year and into 2018. Be on the lookout for their new ventures, the MENA Learning Portal and KDSL Global Gives 10!



KDSL Global is a USA and UAE-based leading learning organization focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally. To find out more information visit http://www.kdslglobal.com.


Inspiring video of the ‘Handshake Teacher’ and his fifth grade goes viral


Barry White, Jr. is a fifth grade English teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. Earlier this month, he shared a video taken of him greeting his students in the morning before class. The video became an overnight hit, shared thousands of times, and Barry has since appeared on The Today Show and Good Morning America.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUQIARSN3ag

At KDSL Global we were lucky enough to catch up with Barry and ask him a few questions about his life as a teacher. 


When you watch the video, it’s impossible not to smile and to feel how much your students are enjoying this interaction with you. Why do you think they love it so much?My students love the message behind the handshakes more so the handshake itself. The handshake represents a personal moment that we both can share every day. They understand and appreciate the time and effort going into making a personalized handshake with each one of them and remembering it. They know I actually care even with a simple gesture such as a handshake.

What other ways can teachers reach out and engage with their students at the beginning of class/while teaching them? 
Building rapport with your students come in many different forms. It can be a simple compliment (clothes, academics, etc). As a teacher we are trained to be observant, this allows us to spot any changes happening with our students. Use this to leverage relationship building. Teachers can also leave notes on student’s desks for the next day. Simple printable signs that can encourage them to be the best student they can be that day.


Do you ever have a kid not wanting to do the handshake with you, refusing to do it? What are your strategies for working with kids who are difficult? 
Some children are a little shy and working their way out of it slowly but surely. Handshakes are not mandatory in my classroom. I allow students to opt-in if they feel comfortable enough. Through my classroom management techniques, I set the expectations and reinforce them with positive narration. For example: if the expectation is Level 0 voice and tracking the speaker, I will say Billy is level 0, Shawn is tracking the speaker. This allows the expectations to be heard in the classroom, so if a student is not meeting the expectation they will be given a consequence. There is no push back, because my voice does not change when giving a consequence, and due to the expectations being set firmly in the classroom. I let students know I care about them too much to allow them to fail or not meet expectations. Therefore I will consequence them to make sure they succeed. Once this message is clear and consistently affirmed, they buy into the concept. We have what we call “growth mindset” concepts applied in the classroom. Instead of getting upset at a consequence and blowing up, the student uses a growth mindset and learns from that mistake.


Are teachers and trainee teachers in the USA encouraged to develop original, personalized and fun ways of connecting with their students, rather than just focusing on the curriculum and exam grades? 
In some places, I believe teachers are encouraged to build rapport with their students. Particularly in my school district, we are constantly encouraged to build meaningful relationships and establish high expectations. We are allowed the freedom to express our creativity and be innovative in the classroom.



Thalia Suzuma
KDSL Global
Website: www.kdslglobal.com
Twitter: @KDSL07
Facebook: KDSL Global



Educators Home Share.png

A desire to save on costs, experience travel with a local flair, make new friendships, and experience peace of mind are some of the reasons why educators are embracing the home sharing concept.

DUBAI, 13 FEBRUARY 2017 – Educators Home Share Pte. Ltd. (EHS) is a new contender intending to thrive in the global sharing economy. Backed by a great deal of IT and international education experience, the founding partners are keen to serve the national and international educator niche market. Most people are familiar with the home exchange concept. Home sharing is simply an expansion of this which includes a wider range of hosting possibilities: hosts can choose to be at home or not while guests enjoy their stay. Although it is preferred, members do not have to list their home when joining. Since its official website launch (www.educatorshomeshare.com) in 2016, hundreds of educators residing in more than 40 countries have already created an account. With an offer of a Free Lifetime Membership to the first 1000 members who sign up, EHS is confident that right from the start, members will have plenty to choose from in terms of home sharing opportunities. Free trial memberships will also be available after those initial 1000 Free Lifetime Memberships are claimed. KDSL Global is now collaborating with Educators Home Share as a promotional partner.

In creating the foundation for its community, EHS believes that focusing exclusively on educators allows for an already ‘built-in’ degree of trust that all EHS members can enjoy. To make sure that only current, retired and former educators join, the sign up process involves a standard school verification to be completed before members can apply for a home share. Non-standard school verifications can be carried out as well for educators who do not have a work history in a traditional setting such as a school, university, etc.

Educators Home Share is an online platform connecting educators worldwide. It enables guest educators to book unique home stays from local and international educator hosts, saving them money and giving them a chance to have a different kind of travel experience. Host educators enjoy peace of mind during their own travels knowing someone is caring for their home, plants and/or pets. Catering to the travel needs of educators, Educators Home Share aims to have every country of the world listed as a destination on its platform.

For more information, please contact Michel Leroux at admin@educatorshomeshare.com.