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A desire to save on costs, experience travel with a local flair, make new friendships, and experience peace of mind are some of the reasons why educators are embracing the home sharing concept.

DUBAI, 13 FEBRUARY 2017 – Educators Home Share Pte. Ltd. (EHS) is a new contender intending to thrive in the global sharing economy. Backed by a great deal of IT and international education experience, the founding partners are keen to serve the national and international educator niche market. Most people are familiar with the home exchange concept. Home sharing is simply an expansion of this which includes a wider range of hosting possibilities: hosts can choose to be at home or not while guests enjoy their stay. Although it is preferred, members do not have to list their home when joining. Since its official website launch (www.educatorshomeshare.com) in 2016, hundreds of educators residing in more than 40 countries have already created an account. With an offer of a Free Lifetime Membership to the first 1000 members who sign up, EHS is confident that right from the start, members will have plenty to choose from in terms of home sharing opportunities. Free trial memberships will also be available after those initial 1000 Free Lifetime Memberships are claimed. KDSL Global is now collaborating with Educators Home Share as a promotional partner.

In creating the foundation for its community, EHS believes that focusing exclusively on educators allows for an already ‘built-in’ degree of trust that all EHS members can enjoy. To make sure that only current, retired and former educators join, the sign up process involves a standard school verification to be completed before members can apply for a home share. Non-standard school verifications can be carried out as well for educators who do not have a work history in a traditional setting such as a school, university, etc.

Educators Home Share is an online platform connecting educators worldwide. It enables guest educators to book unique home stays from local and international educator hosts, saving them money and giving them a chance to have a different kind of travel experience. Host educators enjoy peace of mind during their own travels knowing someone is caring for their home, plants and/or pets. Catering to the travel needs of educators, Educators Home Share aims to have every country of the world listed as a destination on its platform.

For more information, please contact Michel Leroux at admin@educatorshomeshare.com.