KDSL Global Summer Work Experience Scholars

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At KDSL Global we believe students should have opportunities to be exposed to a variety of careers during their secondary experience. Each year we host students who engage with our company on projects. This summer we welcome two students who are based in Dubai.

Areeba Khalid is a student at GEMS Modern Academy. She currently in Year 11 who will start her International Baccalaureate in the month of September. She was in an Indian Curriculum from grade 1 to 10. She is a very ambitious, enthusiastic and hard-working child. It her first internship at KDSL Global Internship Program and working in a professional environment. She is keen to acquire new skills, gain more knowledge on education and have a great experience during the program. She has participated and volunteered in various events at her school. She has a great interest in art and hence taken art as one of her subjects in IB. She also has a passion for teaching, and thus wants to pursue her career in the field of education.

Currently in the midst of her high school life, balancing her extra curriculars with academics and preparing for college Araditta Sunder is studying psychology and business in an IB school. Being an IB student has allowed her to imbibe skills such as time-management, and organization which has allowed her to be balanced and well rounded. At home, she is a kind and caring sister who is always there to support her autistic elder brother. Growing up trying to understand him inspired her to do psychology but there was something about the “learning theory” that pushed her curiosity into education. Watching her brother receive vocational therapy inspired her to think about things like learning styles, based on which she has also written essays. Taking a step further by joining forces with a center for Autism in Bangalore called Apoorva, to support other children like him has given her some exposure, but in order to make a difference she believes that she must be properly skilled and knowledgeable. So, with the help of this internship Araditta aims to obtain insight and resources to confidently venture into this pathway.



Meet our summer intern – Radhika Shaw


As someone who believes education is not restricted to the classroom, Radhika Shaw is always keen to explore and learn. Global in her outlook, Radhika has lived in Bahrain, India, United Kingdom and now the United Arab Emirates. Finishing her year 10 ICSE Board Exam, Radhika decided to expand her horizon to cover new areas. With her good communication and interpersonal skills she decided to join the MUN (Modern United Nations) at her school .  At an early age Radhika was taught that hard work and resilience bred results. While in London, Radhika was always at the forefront of an anti-bullying campaign. She participated in the Princess Diana Anti-Bullying Campaign and was invited to the Princess Diana conference where she interacted with students from different parts of the world . Whilst she was in high school in London, she came first along with her teammates in the STEM Robotics Inter Country Competition. Radhika always tries to help those around her and believes that education is the biggest enabler. This is why she joined the KDSL Global Internship Programme. Radhika used this time efficiently to develop research and management skills which will help her realize her dream of a setting up a successful business in the education sector.