Launch of educational consultancy with international reach: KDSL Global

Dubai, UAE, 4 October 2016: A new international educational consulting company, KDSL Global, is launched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). KDSL Global’s vision is to be the leading organization focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally. The business opportunities in education around the world are numerous. Many organizations are looking for opportunities to expand and are seeking knowledge to make informed decisions based on thriving markets and KDSL Global is the company to partner with to meet these needs.

KDSL Global’s work is divided into three strands. Firstly, they serve as a strategic partner with education businesses across the world. Secondly, they organize conferences, events and business networking opportunities. This includes the upcoming GCC ASCD MENA Teacher Summit and Edcamp UAE. Thirdly, they promote professional development to educators worldwide.

KDSL Global is collaborating with companies such as: Smart Education, Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management International, EDspired, McREL International, The Global Sleepover, Interactive Data Partners, MidSchoolMath, ASCD Connected Communities, Early Literacy Institute, Limitless Education, RYE Consulting, Professional Minds, MakersBuilders, and the American United School in Kuwait. New strategic partners will be announced soon.

KDSL Global’s founder is Kevin Simpson. Simpson has served 500+ schools and thousands of educators in 20 countries worldwide. Since 2008, he has been focused on education in the MENA region, assisted numerous schools with accreditation, training, and development and served as a thought partner on school start-up projects. Simpson is co-founder of the UAE Learning Network (one of the largest online network of educators in the UAE) and has participated in numerous education panels and radio shows. In addition, he has authored two white papers on American curriculum schools in Dubai and co-wrote a bilingual document on American Education in the UAE.  Simpson has worked with over 40 educators who have taken the leap to become consultants or business owners.


For further information, please contact Kevin Simpson

Tel: +971 50 2898417 | |

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